Breakthrough Chronic Care™ is a significant advance for working class Americans with heart disease. It features your own 'Concierge' Chronic Care Doctor committed to keeping you healthy.

Breakthrough Chronic Care™ is a cutting-edge heart management system available today. It has been developed by leading physicians and top medical schools including Stanford University, University of Michigan and University of Miami. It includes a leading'Concierge' Chronic Care Doctor committed to optimizing it's effectiveness for your health. They are your personal counselor and guide.


Even if you have more than one chronic illness, you can actually put several hundred dollars back in your pocket every year. We specialize in 8 of the most common chronic illnesses ... diabetes, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic kidney disease and sleep apnea.


As a heart disease survivor you experienced a life and death moment. You realized that you were given a second chance for life. You have the opportunity of still doing some of the things you wanted to do. See your child get married, spend time with grandchildren, take that vacation with your wife you’ve always talked about or simply continued to spend quality time with family and friends.


After the crisis is over, it’s easy to get back to old bad habits that were the reason you were hospitalized in the first place. Statistics show that only 14% of heart patients have their cholesterol under control. It’s easy to deny that a heart attack really happened to you. Only 27% of all heart disease patients have their blood pressure under control.


As a heart disease patient you should have a 'Concierge' Chronic Care Doctor to help guide you with the daily responsibilities of living with heart disease. Is your doctor able to give you that quality support during your typical 10 minute office visit? Did he check on how far you were walking every day? 


Does the doctor know how much the medication that is prescribed costs you? Did the doctor take away some of your fears? Did the doctor give you advice on how to reduce cravings for foods that are bad for you? We you challenged to continue to get better? After the visit, do you feel energized to continue to do all the little things that you need to do to live?


Your 'Concierge' Chronic Care Doctor understands the daily struggles of heart disease survivors. They work with you to set up a personalized Proactive Action Plan to enjoy your life while helping to manage your disease.

Your 'Concierge' Chronic Care Doctor gives you the additional time to get to know your unique lifestyle needs resulting in a trusting and very close doctor-patient relationship. Your doctor stays in close touch with you between appointments with uplifting messages, optimizing Twitter and Facebook. These messages include diet tips, reminders to take your medication, the latest research and positive news that keeps you motivated and in control of your disease.


If you have a high-deductible health insurance policy you are paying approximately $7,000 annually in out-of-pocket medical costs. About half that amount with low-deductible policies. This is not including your insurance premiums. This often creates financial stress, which is proven ‘toxic to your health’.

Your enrollment in Breakthrough Chronic Care™ is between $1800 to $2600 per year. The superior disease management your 'Concierge' Chronic Care Doctor provides can reduce your $7,000 out-of-pocket medical expenses by 33% annually. How?...  by significantly reducing hospitalizations, ER visits, lab costs, specialty care, imaging, drug prescriptions, surgeries and therapy costs. That’s approximately the cost of Breakthrough Chronic Care™. And, you now have world class healthcare that maximizes your treatment plan effectiveness. If you have more than one chronic illness your Breakthrough Chronic Care™ enrollment fee stays the same and you may double your annual savings. 


If you want to eliminate your entire out-of-pocket medical costs, plus your health insurance premiums, become a Chronic Care ‘Advocate’. Volunteer 40 hours a month for just 12 months and your total out-of-pocket medical costs can be eliminated permanently. Anyone can do it and it’s very rewarding helping others. This innovative business model was created specifically for people with a chronic illness, and caregivers, to solve this serious financial problem for working class Americans.


You can live a long productive life with heart disease. Do you want to finish the things that your disease interrupted? Use our team to help you. There is limited availability with our 'Concierge' Chronic Care Doctors. Enroll today and empower yourself with the life-changing support and tools you will use in your daily journey of “living well” heart disease.