OnSite ‘Advocates’ working with a life-size Doctor Display at busy locations can maximize their income potential. 

Our life-size and life-like Doctor Displays and On-Site ‘Advocates’ create remarkable attention from chronic care patients and their caregivers. On-Site ‘Advocates’  can create 30, or more, highly-qualified prospects a day. 


Breakthrough Chronic Care provides On-Site ‘Advocates’  high-traffic destinations to work every day. Leading churches, retailers, charities and local events of all types are very enthusiastic about the Cancer Terminator Foundation and being Founding Sponsors. They welcome our On-Site ‘Advocates’.


Popular locations virtually guarantee On-Site ‘Advocates’ come in monthly contact with thousands of people with chronic illnesses and their caregivers. A significant percentage 'ask' and 'appreciate' immediate information about Breakthrough Chronic Care and the  Cancer Terminator Foundation for themselves or family and friends.


With a smile and 'caring personal testimonial' creating over 300 Patient Information Forms a month consistently is possible. It's very gratifying to help so many people every day.