The foundation of an 'Advocate's' success is giving a passionate personal testimonial about their Concierge Chronic care Doctor experience to a fellow patient.

 "Hi, My name is Debbie Thomas. Whats' your name? Nice to meet you, Diane ...


Diane, I was diagnosed with acute diabetes in 2011. When were you diagnosed? As you well know, diabetes can create significant stress. Recently I was introduced by a doctor friend to my Concierge Chronic Care Doctor who had a life-changing treatment plan. It has been a godsend. It has really changed my life in many positive ways.  

Remarkably, it has significantly reduced my out-of-pocket medical costs. And, everyone qualifies no matter what health insurance you have.


My Concierge Chronic Care Doctor gives me same day appointments if I need to see him for anything. He insists on seeing me every 60 days for a ‘Support Consultation’ so he can closely monitor every aspect of my health. He spends as much time as I need. My ‘complete health condition’ is a real priority to him. He sees me within minutes of me arriving. I also love he returns my phone calls and emails the same day. He stays in close touch with me between appointments. He regularly sends emails, videos and social media posts concerning the latest research about diabetes. He's introduced me to a remarkable diet. Studied show diabetes patients have significantly higher cancer rates than the general population. I now have control over my illness, I have no more fear or frustration. My Concierge Chronic Care Doctor is my ‘guardian angel’. I’m very thankful.


Diane, you can have this same advanced care and reduce your out-of-pocket medical costs significantly. I know from personal experience this a fact. I will email you a 5-minute video with the details. Just give me your email and phone number. Your information is strictly confidential. Every patient I talk to says the same thing... it has literally changed their life for the better and saves them money at the same time. I know it can do the same for you. It is really nice meeting you. Good Health!”

Helping others is inspirational for the person giving and receiving. Creating a significant lifetime income is natural, simple and gratifying for our 'Advocates'. 

5 Reasons You Will Be Highly Successful as a Chronic Care 'Advocate'


Chronic Care

'Advocates’ have

the heart

of a Volunteer.

You are highly

qualified with

your life’s journey

as a chronic

care patient

or care giver.

Highly qualified



approach you.

There is no

selling required.

You’ll love our

super events,

great friendships,

and a new family

you have a lot in

common with.

Please review

our Advocate


Plan. It’s easy

to earn $30 or

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